Essential Guide to Handling Trees Near Power Lines

When you notice that a tree on your property is making contact with a power line, it’s natural to have concerns about safety and property integrity. Managing trees around power lines is an important aspect of home safety and requires special consideration as well as professional tree care services. Understanding the right steps to take can prevent potential hazards and ensure that both your community power supplies remain undamaged.

Leave it to Pros

The first thing to understand is never attempt to prune or cut down trees near power lines yourself. This is extremely dangerous and could cause serious injury or even be fatal. Trees are excellent conductors of electricity, which means they can easily bring high voltage down through their branches to ground level where you may come in contact.

Contact Local Utility Companies

Instead, if there’s a tree growing too close to power lines, immediately contact your local utility company. Many utility companies provide tree trimming services for branches that pose a risk to power lines. They have the expertise, equipment, and authorization required to safely manage these situations. They can assess whether the tree or its branches need to be pruned or if complete removal is necessary.

When Dealing With ‘Street Trees’

If the tree is located within municipal purview – sometimes referenced as ‘street trees’ – city services may need to take charge instead. Moreover, it’s useful to regularly assess any fast-growing species near power lines since intervention may be needed repeatedly over time.

For a refresher, here’s what you need to consider:

  • Do not trim or remove trees touching power lines yourself.
  • Contact your local utility company immediately for assistance.
  • Municipal services may manage street trees affecting power lines.
  • Maintain regular inspections of growing trees near utilities.

In summary, any interaction with vegetation that involves power lines should only be handled by professionals offering dedicated tree care services. If you’re in Brockton, MA, Olvin Tree Services can provide you with expert advice on how best to manage the situation safely and effectively. Our team understands the importance of proper treatment for trees interacting with utility infrastructures. For peace of mind and reliable service regarding trees on your property, reach out to us at (508) 326-6005!

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